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Created 6-Nov-16
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“Ocean Beach Stairwell 24” Series
This is the beginning of a new series that I'm working on.
These are all long-exposure daytime shots of the same spot on Ocean Beach, San Francisco focusing on the waves on sky. The variation in the pieces comes from different weather conditions, sunlight, and adjusting the white balance on my camera. Getting a longer exposure during the daylight hours is achieved by putting neutral density filters over the camera lens to block out light.

20" x 30" edition of 10
28" x 42" edition of 5
40" x 60" edition of 5

Mounting on aluminum with wall hanging brackets is included in the price.
Ocean Beach Stairwell 24 - Partly CloudyOcean Beach Stairwell 24 - After SunsetOcean Beach Stairwell 24 - Clear DayOcean Beach Stairwell 24 - After Sunset #2Ocean Beach Stairwell 24 - AfternoonOcean Beach Stairwell 24 - Heavy FogOcean Beach Stairwell 24 - Golden Hour

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