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Created 1-Jun-17
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These images are part of a new series that is a collaboration between photographer Christopher Turner, and playwright Alan Olejniczak. Each piece includes a subject dressed in modern corporate attire in dark and sometimes post-apocalyptic settings—evoking themes from classical mythology and literature. They are meant to question our impact on the environment, as well as the emotional implications of modern consumerism. Their intention is to convey stories, reveal truths, and provoke discussion. This series was born post-election as a response to the current political and social climate.

All of these photos (and the subjects in them) were captured on location with multiple strobes and gels. Nothing has been photoshopped into the locales.

25% of the artists' profits for this series are being given to support local arts and environmental non-profits based on where each image was taken.

Each piece is available in 3 sizes:
20" x 30" edition of 10
28" x 42" edition of 7
40" x 60 edition of 5
NarcissusHadesAres and ErisPersephoneTantalusSirensPsyche and ErosBacchusOpen Studios

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